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How to Use Loops
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Welcome to the exciting world of LoopGenius, a powerful tool designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and thrive. Our Loop system is a versatile platform that enables you to attract customers, capture leads, send targeted email campaigns, and generate sales. Whether you're just starting or already have an established customer base, LoopGenius offers valuable tools to scale your business. This guide will walk you through the key features and functionalities of LoopGenius, providing step-by-step instructions to maximize its potential.

What are Loops?

Loops are innovative growth systems adopted by leading companies worldwide. They serve multiple purposes, including launching new tech products, attracting new customers for agencies, and doubling subscribers for newsletters. With a Loop, you can:

  • Attract and acquire new customers.

  • Capture email addresses effectively.

  • Deliver compelling offers.

  • Create incentives for customer referrals, thus creating a continuous growth loop.

Creating an Ad Loop

Step 1: Video Ads Creation

  1. Access the Video Ads Panel: Start by navigating to the Video Ads panel in LoopGenius.

  2. Partnering with Creators: LoopGenius collaborates with creators who produce pre-approved scripts about your business, eliminating the need for you to appear in the video.

  3. Launching a Contest: Choose a script you like, review it, and click 'Approve' to launch a contest for creators.

  4. Contest and Selection: After launching, a waiting screen appears for creators to join and submit their recordings. Once submissions are in, select your winning video.

Step 2: Utilizing the Winning Video

The selected video will be used as an advertisement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, effectively starting your Ad Loop.

Optimizing Your Landing Page

Your landing page is a critical component for capturing email addresses and building a lead list. It’s your tool for testing new offers, building relationships, and boosting sales.

Setting Up Your Primary Loop

Video Ads and Meta Ads Block: These elements are used to drive traffic to your landing page.

​Capturing Emails: The landing page is optimized for capturing visitor emails.

​Email Campaigns: Set up single-offer email campaigns to build your email list, prepare for product launches, or incentivize purchases.


Editing the Offer

  • Email Customization: Click on the first email block to edit your email content, ensuring it includes compelling reasons for your offer.

  • Including a Purchase Button: This is crucial for accepting payments within LoopGenius.

  • Editing the Offer Block: Modify your offer details as needed and preview it by sending a test email to yourself.

Expanding with Upsell and Downsell Campaigns

  1. Complimentary Offers: When creating a new project, consider accepting recommended complimentary offers to increase each lead's revenue potential.

  2. Upsell Offers: If a customer purchases the primary offer, they receive an upsell offer after 24 hours. Customize this offer to complement the primary one.

  3. Downsell Offers: For customers who decline the primary or upsell offers, present a less expensive, supplemental offer.


LoopGenius is a comprehensive tool that offers various strategies to enhance your marketing efforts and grow your business. From creating engaging video ads to setting up effective email campaigns, LoopGenius equips you with everything you need for successful business expansion.

We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors with LoopGenius. Embrace the power of Loops and watch your business soar!

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