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Customizing your landing page
Customizing your landing page
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Your LoopGenius landing page is designed to keep the focus on attracting leads for your core offering and we give you the ability to edit the core content and color theme of your landing page. To do this, follow these simple steps.

Click to learn how to change the template and color theme

Step 1: Click on "Landing Page" on the left navigation bar

Step 2: Click on the βš™ icon located at the top right of the screen. This is the landing page settings section.

Step 3: Click on the dropdown below "Template" to view the other types of landing page templates we have to offer.

Step 4: If you've selected a landing page that offers alternative color themes, you will see it by scrolling down to below the "Template" dropdown. In the below screenshot, this landing page template, "Prism", is using a Black and White color theme. Click the other options to toggle between color themes.

For our "Prism" template you will see the top section change as well as other elements of the landing page.

Step 5: Now just click "Save" to lock in your changes.


Click here to learn how to edit the content of your landing page

Step 1: To edit the text on your landing page, hover over any section of your landing page and click on the highlighted grey box OR the "Edit" button to open the side bar for that section.

Step 2: For the top section of your landing page, often referred to as the "Hero", you have 3 sections you can edit. The "Headline", "Description", and the "Button Text".

Let's edit the button text here for this example.

πŸš€ Editing the "Button Text" is only available on LoopGenius Pro πŸš€

Note that all landing pages on LoopGenius start off as Waitlist pages. The goal of a waitlist page is to set expectations to the customer that a particular business or offering is not yet available but you want to collect their email for a future launch.

By editing the "button text", often referred to a "call-to-action", you are changing the nature of the landing page and the expectation customers will have when visiting your landing page. If you are ready to engage with customers and have something to offer, you can change the button text to whatever you like. For this example, let's change it to "Learn More".

Notice by changing the "button text" at the top of the landing page, we also change it at the bottom.

But wait, there's something wrong. Because we changed the "button text" to Learn More, we should now change the "Headline" for the last section since we are no longer building a waitlist.
That's better πŸ‘‡

Step 3: Click "Save" to save your progress.
Want to view your changes live? Click the "open" icon to open your landing page in a new tab.

⚠️ Reminder ⚠️
Any changes you make to your landing page, once saved, appear instantly live. No need to "Publish" your landing page.

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