Editing An Email Block
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In LoopGenius, we make adding and editing your emails simple. In this article we'll guide you step by step how to add, edit, and launch email blocks.

Step 1: Add a New Email Block

To add a new email block, select "Email" from the green dropdown and "New Email" form the purple email dropdown.

Step 2: Email Setup

When adding a new email, you are required to add content to the email before you can launch your new Loop. You'll see 1 Unaddressed Error until you add content to your new email or delete the email block.

Step 3: Adding Your Subject Line

To edit your email, you will see a side bar appear with a placeholder "Enter Subject". Click on "Enter Subject" and enter your new subject line.

Step 4: Add The Main Content To Your Email

Lastly, finish off your email by adding the the main body content. Once you add content to your email, the errors will be addressed and you will be ready to launch your updated Loop.

Note that all edits are saved as you edit your loop so feel free to navigate away from LoopGenius, change tabs, or come back another day to finish your Loop before you launch. Your progress will be saved.

If you've made many edits and click "Restart", the loop will reset to the original state when it was last launched.

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