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Using Custom Ad Campaigns
Using Custom Ad Campaigns
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In LoopGenius you have the option of running a Meta Ad Campaign using either our Creators who can record video ads for you or if you want to record your own videos or have ads you've already designed and want to use, you can upload them to a Custom Ad Campaign.

Want to upload your assets now? Learn how in this article: How to Upload Custom Ad Assets

How Do Custom Ad Campaigns Work?

Custom ad campaigns are quite simple actually. When you use our Meta Ads Block to run ads on Meta, LoopGenius manages the entire ad campaign including where to place your ad and what dimensions are best for your assets. With our Custom Ad Assets block, you can upload any image or video you'd like to use to promote your business.

What can I upload?

You can upload standard video and image files including (.MOV, .MP4, .PNG, and .JPG)

It is recommended that the aspect ratio of your files are either 1:1 or 9:16. These are the best dimensions for running ads on Meta where a majority of users will be viewing the ad on their phone.

🚨 A Note About Meta Advertising Policies 🚨

All ads uploaded to the Custom Ad Assets block must adhere to Meta advertising policies. Any ads submitted are not guaranteed to run until accepted by Meta. To view more about Meta Ad Policies, view Meta Advertising Standards

LoopGenius will notify you if your ads are rejected by Meta and will guide you through edits necessary to pass Meta Advertising Policies.

How to Use Special instructions

LoopGenius allows you to provide additional guidance for your own ads through the use of "Special Instructions". These instructions are reviewed by our internal marketing and quality team to ensure your ads are displayed in the best way. We do not accept instructions for editing images or videos.

Examples of Acceptable Instructions

  • "I've uploaded 3 images intended to be a carousel post or swipe post"

  • "I've uploaded the same ad with 2 different aspect ratios, use whichever is best"

  • "I've uploaded 5 different ads, use which ever you think will get the best performance"

  • "I added 6 images where the ones titled Ad_Image_Male_(#) are meant to target men while the Ad_Image_Female are meant to target women."

Examples of Non-Acceptable Instructions

  • "I've uploaded a few different images, can you create an ad for me using these?"

  • "Can you edit this video?"

  • "I uploaded an image but need help removing or editing part of the image"

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