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Getting Started with Meta Ads Block
Getting Started with Meta Ads Block

Everything you need to know to set up Meta Ads for Facebook and Instagram

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In this article you'll learn everything you need to use the Meta Ads Block in your Loop.

The Meta Ads Block is an incredibly simple way to get started with advertising on Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your landing page. With the Meta Ads Block, LoopGenius manages your entire ad campaign to optimize results within your predetermined budget. Let's dive in!

✍️ What you need to get started

  1. A Facebook Page for your business

  2. A budget in mind for starting your ad campaign

  3. A winning video selected from a completed Video Ad Contest

If you don't have a Facebook Page for your business yet, that's okay. You can learn how to set one up in this article. To get the best results for your ad campaign, make sure your business page has a name and logo that matches your landing page in LoopGenius.

Getting Started

To find the Meta Ads Block, you can navigate to Blocks > Meta Ads Block as shown below.

You can also find the same Meta Ads Block already added inside your Loop. Clicking on either locations will bring you to the next step of connecting your Meta Ads Block to your Facebook Page.

Connecting to Facebook

Step 1: Click "Start Setup". This will open up Facebook and ask you to connect to your Facebook page. Here you will need to grant permission to LoopGenius to access and manage ad campaigns on your behalf.

Step 2: Once you have granted permission for LoopGenius you will be redirected back to LoopGenius where you should see all of your Business Pages available to LoopGenius. Select your desired Facebook Business Page and click "Next". You can always change which page the ad campaign uses at any time.

By connecting your Facebook Business Page, LoopGenius will be able to advertise on all Meta properties including Facebook and Instagram.

Setting up your daily budget

Budgets in LoopGenius are a guidelines to ensure your ad campaign is spending your budget within your desired speed. Due to the bidding nature of the Meta Ads platform, this daily budget is averaged out over the course of a week.

In this screen, you ARE NOT giving LoopGenius permission to spend this budget yet. The Meta Ad Block uses a credit system to ensure we are only spending the maximum amount you want for any campaign. More on this below later in the article.

The purpose the the Daily Ad Budget is to ensure your Total Budget is not spent faster than you expect.

Location Targeting

If you have a business that is geographically constrained to a city or country, then you can add these limitations here.

Example: If you have a local contracting company, you may want to insert your primary city of service. Ad campaigns target within a 10 mile radius of any city selected.

Example: If you are selling a digital course where anyone can purchase and take advantage of your information, then select any Country that speaks the language you support.

When selecting your target location, start typing in your desired location and select the option from the dropdown menu.

🚨 Locations must be selected from the dropdown menu 🚨

When adding a location, you must select your desired location from the dropdown menu for your location to be successfully added. If you only type the full name of your location without selecting it from the dropdown and click "next", your selection will not be saved.

Finalizing your Meta Ad Campaign

Now that you have set up your ad campaign, it is time to fund your campaign with Ad Credits.

LoopGenius uses Ad Credits to run your ad campaign across Facebook and Instagram. These Ad Credits act as your Total Budget for your campaign. LoopGenius will only run ads so long as there are ad credits to fund the campaign. Once your Ad Credits are depleted, you will need to purchase more credits before your campaign will resume.

Remember configuring your daily ad spend? That is how you can control how long your credits will last.

Purchasing Ad Credits

To purchase Ad Credits, click "Buy Ad Credits"

A modal will open where you can select from a few of our Ad Credit packages. Select your desired amount and click "Next". This will open up a checkout form where you can complete your purchase.

Once you have successfully purchased your ad credits, you will see your new balance as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have your video ads created, your landing page finalized, and you're happy with your offers, toggle on your loop to launch that campaign!

That's it! Now watch the leads pour in! You can see the traffic and your sign ups appear in your home screen as shown below.

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